Surgical Kit Products

Earnestly Providing Custom-made Products

The types of medical materials and the amounts used differ depending on the disease or surgery. The materials used also differ depending on the medical institution. HOGY Medical is extremely earnest about producing custom products because we believe that it is our mission as a manufacturer to support medical care by utilizing our more than 20 years of experience in selling surgical kits and our production know-how, all so as to produce products that meet the individual needs of our customers.

Uncompromising Pursuit of Safety

Safety is an indispensable element for medical materials used in surgery. Not to mention that the materials need to be safe, but the products must be produced with complete safety measures in place, from the types of goods and recommended usage amounts contained in the surgical kits to sterilization. The safety measures taken by HOGY Medical include automating the production line as much as possible to prevent human error, ensuring a clean production environment, and using a safe sterilization method to ensure that our products safely reach the end user.

Commitment to Stable Supply

Delays are unacceptable when a life is on the line. As a manufacturer that supports medical care, we are constantly seeking new ways to deliver products faster and have built the necessary domestic structure, from production to shipment. Further, we continuously work to build a structure that, in times of disaster, will allow our offices nationwide to rapidly work together to deliver products quickly.

Lean & Efficient Design for Surgery

Minimizing the loss of time and wasting of supplies by updating the contents of surgical kits so as to match the constantly changing needs of surgery

A Wide Variety of Kit Items

Approximately 7,300 types of items with regulatory approval are used for HOGY Medical’s surgical kit products. They can be combined according to application and purpose.

Electron Beam (EB) Sterilization

HOGY Medical has introduced electron beam (EB) sterilization for speedy and environment-friendly sterilization.

Promotion of Automated Sterilization

By promoting the automation of the sterilization process, HOGY Medical is striving to reduce the number of adherent bacteria before sterilization by minimizing bacterial adhesion from workers.

Automatic Surgical Drape Machine

Mechanically folded gauze 

Pack small-sized items such as syringes and injection needles

Comparison of adherent bacteria (an example of gauze)

Even after sterilizing, dead bacteria remain on the surface of items.
=> Possibility of dead bacteria becoming pyrogen (a self-heating substance)
=> Patient would get a fever

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