Certainty and safety in determining the extent of resection

SuReFInD has been developed to assist in the precise excision of small-cell lung cancer in pneumonectomy operations.
A microscopic IC tag applying radio frequency identification (RFID) technology is placed on the area with cancer via the bronchoscope channel. The positioning of the IC tag is registered, along with an ID number using an app. During operation, the IC tag can be detected on the lung surface using a surgical antenna, and this can help surgeons to determine the extent of resection.

How to Use SuReFInD

Placement before surgery

  • Placement IC tag in bronchial tubes
  • Register the ID information of the IC tag in the application.
  • Place the IC tag at the target position through the bronchoscope channel and register the position in the application.

Detection during surgery

  • Detecting the IC tag
  • Detect the IC tag from the lung surface via the surgical antenna.
    *Sounds will vary depending on the distance from the IC tag
    *The application will show the position according to the ID information on the IC tag.
  • Use the detected position of the IC tag as a mark to determine the extent of resection.

Placement before surgery

Place the IC tag with the registered ID at the target position through the bronchoscope channel.

Confirmation before surgery

Confirm that the IC tag has not moved from the position where it was placed.

Detection during surgery

Detect the IC tag from the lung surface via a surgical antenna and use that as a mark for the extent of resection.

Confirmation after resection

Check if IC tag is included in the excised tissue.

Product List

Detection device

Tag reader for surgery

Dedicated PC for SuReFInD

Tag reader for registration


Indwelling device SUR-IC-01

Indwelling tag (IC tag)

Antenna for surgery SUR-AT-01

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