(ME Equipment Operation Management System)

Visualize the operation status of medical equipment for strategic investment planning

The OPERA-Compass was developed to automatically collect and analyze information on the use of medical engineering (ME) equipment so that the results can be utilized in hospital management.
Two types of special tags (a position-detecting type and a position- & current-detecting type) are used to record the operation status and position of medical equipment at a hospital. By detecting not only the position but also the power on/off status of equipment in real time, the operation of hundreds of pieces of equipment at a hospital can be grasped more accurately.
The collected information is accumulated in a database to generate various reports. When linked to the Operating Room Management Service, analysis and maintenance management functions for equipment used in surgery are available.

Tag (position-detecting type)

This tag uses "Bluetooth Low Energy" (BLE) short-distance wireless technology. It detects where equipment is located within a hospital in real time.

Tag (position- & current-detecting type)

In addition to location information, this tag detects the power on/off status of equipment in real-time, enabling the more-accurate grasping of the operation of equipment.

Hardware Configuration

By accumulating outgoing information from the tags attached to medical equipment, you can browse the current location and historical operation status of any piece of medical equipment.

Operation Management
For capital investment decisions

Operation Status

The current value of the equipment is measured with a dedicated tag, and ON/OFF status is judged according to the preset conditions. By measuring the current, the operation status can be accurately measured, and a report on the operating results can be output.

Location and situation

The current location of the equipment can be grasped by using the dedicated tags.

Surgery Management
Performance management and analysis of usage

Equipment Allocation

The usage schedule of the equipment can be registered for the surgery application.

Analysis of Surgical Use

The performance of equipment used in surgery can be automatically recorded.

Statistics and Analyses

Operating hours and maintenance management information can be accumulated, and comprehensive information on the equipment can be statistically analyzed.

Maintenance Management
Saving labor in maintenance work

Equipment Information

Information on code, classification, manufacturer, serial number, asset management number, and purchase cost for each equipment can be registered, confirmed, or edited.

Maintenance Schedule

The calendar function allows you to check inspection and repair schedules and results. It is also possible to set up inspection plans according to actual equipment operating hours by using exclusive tags.

Repair and Breakdown

Information on the occurrence of malfunctions and the details and costs of repairs can be recorded.

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