Operating Room Management Service

Our Opera Master has been adopted at more than 250 acute-care hospitals since its launch. The Operating Room Management Service was introduced as a new system featuring additional & improved functions tailored around feedback received from our long-term customers. The system supports operating room management by providing a mechanism that enables accurate & quick collection of data on management resources, time, inventory, and cost, and then by analyzing the data. We offer mechanisms and services that can provide support from an overall perspective ranging from procedure planning to revenue management, operational visualization, and improvement suggestions.

Table of Corresponding Options

We have prepared optional functions to support various scenes of the PDCA cycle.

Digital Picking System (DPS)

This is a picking system with a good track record as an incoming & outgoing inventory flow system when handling various types of products; it has been modified into a system specifically for medical use. Each storage shelf has a lamp and quantity display, where the lamp is lit and the picking quantity displayed for the picked products. The system is in wide application as a mechanism that not only boosts operational efficiency but also enables great minimization of work errors due to simplifying work operations.


This is a tag that uses "Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)" short-range wireless technology. By installing an exclusive antenna in the hospital, the location of devices or people can be detected in real time.


Surgery Application and Plan Finalization

Enabling operating room budgeting and revenue management via highly precise planning

“Surgery Application and Plan Finalization” creates an environment that makes surgery application and planning easy by setting up an in-hospital network. Ways to maximize the use of operating room resources are proposed for each facility.
In addition, the centralization of staffing, equipment allocation, and other related information required for surgeries to be implemented alleviates burden on managers.


Surgery Preparation

Enabling anyone to accurately, easily, and quickly prepare

"Surgery Preparation" involves the digitization of the supplies preparation list (picking list). It is a mechanism that links it with the material shelf (i.e., the DPS) and enables the automatic confirmation of preparation supplies by lighting the lamp on the shelf. This allows even those that are inexperienced to accurately and quickly prepare. In addition, the information is portable via tablet, enabling single-point confirmation of other information required for equipment positioning and other preparatory operations.


Acquisition Data

Acquisition of highly accurate real-time results

“Acquisition of Actual Data” is a mechanism that enables actual data to be easily acquired by inputting the status of use into a tablet.
Supplies are presorted by frequency of use, and those completely scheduled to be opened are included in the actual count in advance so that a reliable grasping of the quantity of use is possible simply by checking additional supplies and unopened supplies.


Time Management

Effortless information input

“Time Management” involves a system for recording actual data on surgery room staff and ME equipment using tags and the ME Equipment Management Function. The subject persons and ME equipment and the read range are to be entered into the settings, and antennas are to be installed in the required locations for grasping the movements of the subject persons and ME equipment. The efficient operation of operating rooms can be managed by accumulating and analyzing the data as work hour data.


Inventory Management

Real-time tracking and one-touch restocking

“Inventory Management” enables the real-time tracking of incoming & outgoing flow information by using DPS. This means that even cases of inventory falling below a set quantity can be instantly grasped and that restocking requests can be automatically created, thereby simplifying management.
In addition, with returned supplies, the confirmation of where to return them and the quantity returned, which can be a burdensome task when done manually, is made possible similar to when taking out the supplies so that ideal inventory management, where the actual count and data match at all times, can be achieved.


Effects Verification

Clarifying areas for improvement through visualization

"Effects Verification" provides three types of reports: Effects Verification Report, Business Management Indicators, and Free Analysis, based on the actual data acquired by our Operating Room Management Service, from surgical planning to the understanding of actual supplies used. By visualizing highly accurate data in real time, the status of the operating room can be objectively assessed.

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