For quickly sharing operation procedure books, videos, and hospital information via the cloud

OPERA-Note (OPENO) is a tool that enables the sharing, arrangement, and management of knowledge in surgery, utilizing a cloud server to gather information.
By facilitating access via smartphones and tablets, it enables information-sharing in accordance with each staff member’s lifestyle.

OPERA-Note (OPENO) Case Studies

Main Functions and Advantages

Sharing Information in the Hospital

Centralized management of surgical procedure manuals and hospital documents

Creating Links to Necessary Info

  • Possible to separate and search folders and ranges of information in a variety of ways
  • Possible to create links to other related information

Enhancing Communication

  • Possible to share instructions from doctors or incidents, etc., by using public sticky notes
  • Possible to share info with other wards and departments

Cloud Services

Manage information when and where you want

Easy to Use at Your Convenience

  • Accessible at home, on the way to work, or from any other location
  • Accessible via smartphone/tablet, but not via a PC; also possible to access via a non-hospital (your own) device

* Internet connection required


You will be required to install a VPN connection application and a connection certificate on each device in advance.
For security reasons, connect your device to the internet via the VPN to use OPERA-Note.
The cost of each device, the internet connection, and other communication fees shall be borne by the customer.
The device to be used is managed via the certificate.
The conditions of use such as limiting the certificate to only in-hospital devices or setting it to personal devices can be set.

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