Opera Master

HOGY Medical Opera Master is a surgery management system for rapidly and accurately collecting a range of information related to the happenings in an operating room. This system also offers products that help simplify operations in order to provide specific & detailed support for medical institutions. We offer proposals for operating room operations that are a step ahead, working to assist clients in building a business foundation for today, tomorrow, and the future, and to create satisfaction among operating room staff.

Plan 目標設定・計画立案

Reviewing each performance data and developing the best business plans

  • Operating room income plan
  • Operating room cost plan
  • Operating room operation plan


Do ツールによる業務効率改善

Providing site improvement tools/plans that are tailored to each facility’s conditions

  • Optimal operational management of the surgical schedule
  • Simplifying preparation work and safety improvement using kits
  • Standardization of supplies with picking lists
  • Identifying material/personnel cost information


Check データの集積・分析

Comparing and analyzing the accumulated data

  • Comparing the differences between various plans and results
  • Summary of business results
  • Ongoing performance management


Action 改善の提案

Submitting an analysis on the current situation of staff with expertise

  • Income plan
  • Cost plan
  • Operation plan


PlanSetting a goal and drawing a planへ戻る

Click here for information on our Operating Room Management Service, which is a fusion of Opera Master and various support tools.

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