Sterilization Container/Easy Fit System

Embarking on a new era of filterless container: Introducing a valve container with an evolved structure

HOGY Medical uses sterilization containers manufactured by C.B.M., which is an Italian company with a 70-year history. The company's containers are sold as a medical device throughout Europe, mainly in Italy, and also in other countries. It complies with CE Mark ISO11607-1 EN868-8, which is a license requirement for sales.
In addition, the factory is ISO13485 certified, and the safe manufacturing process and high quality control ensure the delivery of standardized quality products.
We hope that users will enjoy trying these products, as they have a strong track record in meeting customer need and have been in use for a long time.

Product Description

Structure and stability of the valve container

The spring moves up and down according to the pressure changes in the sterilizer, and the valve opens and closes to promote the inflow and outflow of air and steam, creating an environment where sterilization is fully performed.
In addition, the valve container is assembled with six bolts without any loosening to prevent bacteria and foreign matter from entering through gaps.


Unlike conventional types, which use disposable filters, there is no parts to be exchanged during sterilization preparation. This is economical, and the product can be used without maintenance for approximately 2,000 times after purchase.
If the valve part is subject to strong impact or deformation or if any abnormality is observed in the spring, it is recommended to replace it.

Sufficient drying

Unlike conventional filter-type containers, the valve part has large holes, allowing a large amount of steam to flow in and out quickly. Therefore, even in the drying process, steam is discharged sufficiently so as to reduce the amount of residual moisture, making incomplete drying less likely to occur.

Lightweight material and processing

The product is made of a lightweight, high-strength aluminum alloy and is processed with oxide film treatment to improve corrosion resistance and strength. This well-balanced design meets the requirements of EN868-8 for strength and is lightweight, thus reducing burden on the user. In addition, the valve part is covered by the same material so as to protect the internal valve from external impact and damage, thereby enhancing safety.

Rich in variation

This product comes in three sizes (small, medium, and large), with the lid available in six colors.
The system can be used to identify various factors such as departments and device combinations.

Quality that conforms to European standard EN868-8

HOGY Medical's sterilization containers comply with various safety and functionality requirements as per European standards.
For example, the containers safely support the operations of a central supply room by passing rigorous tests based on the assumption of actual use, such as regarding handle design for transportation, slots for installing the indicator card, container strength and safety when stacked, the airtightness of the packing when the lid is closed, and barrier property testing for sterilization containers in exposure chambers, etc.

Easy Fit System

The instrument preparation method can be changed.
Introducing our Easy Fit System: For safe and comfortable instrument preparation

The Easy Fit System is a device holder that can be attached to the container basket. It holds devices securely, prevents damage to devices and instrument, and visualizes fixed positions and constants.
A variety of attachments can be fixed as you wish, allowing you to create a set that matches your instrument.

Easy Fit overview

Here, we introduce the common issues seen during the arrangement of surgical instruments and what can be improved via the Easy Fit System.

Comparison with the Premium Surgical Kit and Easy Fit System conventional products

The combination of the Premium Surgical Kit and the Easy Fit System dramatically improves instrument arrangement before surgery. Here, taking the example of an orthopedic spine instrument set, improved-on points and arrangement time are compared.

Examples of other usages

Examples of other sets using the Easy Fit System and how it is used are shown. The Easy Fit system allows for the protection of delicate devices and their cleaning, sterilization, and transport in the desired form.

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