Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)-related Products

Handling of PPE-related Products

Standard Precautions

In order to protect patients and healthcare professionals from infection and contamination, all of a patient's blood, body fluids, secretions, and excretions need to be considered as a source of infection, and it is necessary to ensure the use of PPE at all times, regardless of presence or absence of infection.
As a part of in-hospital infection control, HOGY Medical offers disposable gowns, caps, masks, and other non-woven fabric products with high-bacteria-barrier performance. These items are widely used in operating rooms, outpatient areas, hospital wards, and other areas.

Infection-prevention items are combined as a set.

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Precaution set

Caps/Isolation Gowns/Shoe Covers

For caps, there are a wide variety of materials and colors available depending on use. As for preventive wear, there is a gown type, apron type, and full bodysuit type (workwear), all available for different situations.

Caps (shower cap type)


Shoe covers (boot type)

Isolation gowns


SMS workwear

Frameless Eye Shields/Goggles

These eye shields and goggles are designed to protect the eyes from floating dust, chemical droplets, and flying objects, and to ensure a wide view.
Frameless eye shields can be attached to your glasses.

Frameless Eye Shields

Eye shields that realize "unparalleled transparency"

Our frameless eye shields achieve ultrahigh transmittance and ultralow reflectivity, reducing eye fatigue when worn for a long period of time. They can also be attached to 3D monitor goggles, with anti-fog finish. They are also compatible with microscopes (up to 2.5x) and can protect the eyes of clinical surgeons from the splashing of blood and fluid.

How to attach the shields to your glasses

Put the eyeglass frame through the eyeglass frame hole in the upside-down direction, insert it all the way to the back, and then flip it over so that it covers the entire surface of the eyeglasses.

Hook the stitching part to the eyeglass frame and fix it.

Make sure that the eye shield is attached correctly by placing it close to the eyeglass lenses.


Protective goggles for infection control

Mewabright (glass type)

Mewabright (with ventilator)

Surgical Masks, Masks with Face Shields

HOGY Medical offers various types of surgical masks, including those with face shields, and those with high-barrier properties for liquid protection as well as those with anti-fog functions, skin-friendly materials, and activated carbon (to absorb odor).

Ear elastic type

Strap type

With face shield

With face shield Forms and functions
Surgical masks
Liquid-protection type (FBM series)
- Ear elastic/strap type
Liquid protection
Anti-fog finish
- With/without face guard
Surgical masks
Ultra-micro filter/ultrasonic seal
- Ear elastic/strap type
- With/without anti-fog finish
Surgical masks
Special features: Odor prevention, skin-friendly
- Elastic type with active carbon
- Non-woven fabric strap type (more skin-friendly)
N95 masks
Respirator type
- Elastic type

N95 masks

N95 masks are available for medical institutions.

N95 is one of the filter standards (42CFR84) for respirator-type masks established by the U.S. National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) in 1995.
N95 masks are designed to reduce the risk of respiratory infection for the wearer by collecting airborne sources of infection when entering hospital rooms where airborne infection prevention measures are required, in situations where aerosols are generated such as during intubation and extubation, and during laser surgery where fine particles are generated.
The “N” stands for “Not resistant to oil,” and the evaluation requirements for these masks are stricter than for surgical masks. They also have high filtration efficiency.

Anti-dust mask grades

U.S. standard Japanese standard Test dust
Test flow volume
NIOSH Filtration rate Disposable Replaceable Filtration rate
N95 95% or more DS2 RS2 95.0% or more NaCl
N99 99% or more - - -
N100 99.97% or more DS3 RS3 99.9% or more
R95 95% or more - - - Dioctyl phthalate, 85 L/min
R99 99% or more - - -
R100 99.97% or more - - -
P95 95% or more DL2 RL2 95.0% or more Dioctyl phthalate, 85 L/min
P99 99% or more - - -
P100 99.97% or more DL3 RL3 99.9% or more

N95 Mask FAQ

How to Use N95 Masks

N95 masks are considered to be highly effective in preventing respiratory infections, however, it is very important that they are worn correctly and snugly.


Place the nose clamp side up and open the mask up and down. (Be sure to open it properly.)


Bend the nose clamp gently so that it fits your nose.


Separate the two pieces of elastic with your fingers and hold them both with both hands. (At this time, lightly stretch the elastic to make it easier to put on.)


Place the lower part of the mask on your chin, hold the center of the two elastic straps, and bring them behind your head. (When stretching the elastic straps, stretch the parts between your hands.)


Fasten the upper elastic to the top of your head and lower elastic to the neck. (Be careful not to pull the elastic straps too hard when shifting them.)


Firmly align the nose clamp to your face so that there is no gap. When removing the mask, be careful not to touch the surface of it.

Fit Checking

When fitting the N95 mask, it is ideal to check if there is air leakage between your face and the mask, especially from the nose and under the chin.

* The mask is designed to fit the face without gaps, so as to reduce the risk of respiratory infection. As a result, the elastic straps are slightly less flexible than normal masks, so they may come off from the base when pulled with excessive force.

Precaution Set (Gown Type/Overall Type)

This set simplifies the procurement of PPE-related products.

With our experience in providing non-woven fabric surgical gowns for infectious disease control serving over 3,000 medical institutions nationwide in Japan, we support healthcare professionals with a set of high-quality products as required for operating rooms.

Surgical Gown Type

Surgical gown LL size (for both men and women) Five-layer surgical-grade gowns
Face shields With anti-fog finish
N95 masks NIOSH-certified and N95-compliant
Gloves Latex-free
Shoe covers Laminated, water-repellent/waterproof
Caps Water-repellent and throat-protection type

Overall Type

Overall (for both men and women) Five-layer surgical-grade non-woven fabric
Face shields With anti-fog finish
N95 masks NIOSH-certified and N95-compliant
Gloves Latex-free
Shoe covers Laminated, water-repellent/waterproof

* The overall type is also available in a Level-4-compliant material with a film sandwiched between the base fabric.

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