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Until recently, the conventional wisdom was to use cotton fabric gowns and drapes in the operating room, but with today’s focus on surgical-site infections (SSI) attention is being focused on disposable non-woven fabrics that are difficult for microbes to penetrate. Products made of such fabrics are one of the leading product groups developed by HOGY Medical. In Japan today, most hospitals use disposable non-woven fabric items.

Since HOGY Medical began selling such products in 1972, it has continued research & development into materials, processing methods, functionality, and production technology so as to provide products that meet the needs of today. This is because we believe that it is our responsibility as a top manufacturer to contribute to reducing occupational infections in healthcare professionals.


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Unique Non-woven Fabric Materials


Tigalyer is a non-woven fabric with very high liquid-barrier properties.

Tigalyer is a three-layer fabric (each layer has different properties), with a film sandwiched between the top and bottom layers of non-woven fabric to provide barriers and enhance waterproofing performance.
In using artificial blood, it has been confirmed that it does not let blood penetrate even when pressure of 20 kPa is applied.

  • Has high water-barrier performance that passes the PB70 Level 4 standard of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI)/Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI)
  • Utilizes a material that combines high softness and toughness
  • Minimizes the generation of lint, thanks to the characteristics of the material
  • Allows for safe electron-beam sterilization

Non-woven Fabric Products with Special Features for Medical Safety

We are always thinking about how to provide safety-conscious products with features that can minimize the burden of patients.

Drapes with transparent film

Product design based on the concept of "visible safety"

The drape is made of a highly transparent material in order to increase visibility and prevent medical device-related pressure ulcers (MDRPU). Those working in the surgical field operate under a high level of liquid protection that meets Level 4 standards. Different types of drapes with transparent film are available for different cases and medical departments.

Gel Adhesive

The most-common time for skin tear to occur is during tape removal.

More-thorough skin-tear prevention is necessary for the elderly, who have fragile skin, and in the operating room, where strong adhesive tapes are frequently used for a long period of time. At HOGY Medical, types of drapes with soft gel adhesive are available.

  • Preventing skin tears and contributing to cost reduction

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