Narcotics/Poisons Box

An automatic drug reading management system using radio frequency identification (RFID)

Real-time & thorough drug management made possible by RFID

The Narcotics/Poisons Box comprises a system that uses RFID to manage the incoming and outgoing operations of narcotics and other specially controlled drugs.
The system automatically reads the RFID labels attached to the drugs, thus enabling accurate and safe management of drugs and thereby contributing to medical safety.

Product features

  • Improved security through vein authentication
  • Accurate inventory management via RFID
  • Automation of storage/retrieval record

The Narcotics/Poisons Box forms a system that automates operations to prevent human error.

Real-time inventory/inventory management using RFID labels

  • By reading RFID labels attached to pharmaceutical products, automatic & accurate stocktaking is possible.
  • Inventory information is automatically updated every time incoming and outgoing operations are performed.
  • Record worker information and the difference in inventory every time the safe is opened and closed (trace management).
  • Remote stocktaking operation is also possible.

Enhanced security via system integration and double locking

  • Double locking of outer safes (dial or numeric keypad) and inner safes (electric locks)
  • Password management and finger vein authentication as standard features for the inner safe
  • Supports authentication for multiple personnel

Device configuration

Advantages of the System

Currently, various problems can occur regarding the management of controlled drugs in operating rooms.

  • Nurses and pharmacists that keep a paper-based drug storage/retrieval management log
    (requiring 40 hours/month for input, i.e., 2 hours/day) (83% of those surveyed)
  • No pharmacist present in the operating room at all times (86% of those surveyed)
  • No record kept of opening and closing the safe (63% of those surveyed)

Source: Results of an in-house survey (HOGY, 2016) involving 102 facilities

RFID and finger vein authentication technology enhance the accuracy, safety, and efficiency of controlled drug management.

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