In July 2017, as the "Act on Securing Quality, Efficacy and Safety of Products Including Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices" was amended, a system for remanufacturing single-use medical devices was launched. Through remanufactured single-use devices (R-SUDs), we will continue to protect medical safety and security to pass a sustainable society for the future.
This is HOGY Medical's new challenge.

Introduction video on R-SUD business

What is an R-SUD (remanufactured single-use device)?

Used single-use devices (SUDs) are collected from medical institutions by medical device manufacturers, and then checked, cleaned, sterilized, etc. (remanufactured) so that they can be reused as SUDs.

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Current status of R-SUDs in Japan and other countries

While regulations and projects related to R-SUDs started around 2000 in other countries, Japan finally established a system and laws related to R-SUDs in 2017, and distribution began.

Health and Labor Sciences Special Research Project "Study on Remanufacturing of Single-Use Devices (SUDs), 2015 Comprehensive Research Report"
Prepared from October 17, 2022)

What is expected from the spread of R-SUDs

Ensuring medical safety

R-Total inspection is fully performed on R-SUDs, which reduces defect rates.

Effective utilization of medical resources

By remanufacturing SUDs that are discarded after a single use, we contribute to the reduction of medical and welfare waste.

Ministry of the Environment. Current Situation of Discharge and Treatment of Industrial Waste (FY2019 results)
(Retrieved October 17, 2022)

Provision of sustainable medical care

Manufacturing in Japan makes it possible to take measures against the risk of disruption in the global supply chain.

Idea of operation

REVICE product lineup

Remanufactured flowtron

Remanufactured trocar

Environmental friendliness

Cleaning water generated during remanufacturing is purified by the equipment installed in our factory. We ensure that the quality of purified wastewater is high enough for "himedaka" (Japanese rice fish) to grow to conserve the environment.

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