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With the cooperation of domestic manufacturers, HOGY Medical became the first provider to offer absorbable sutures, in Japan, contributing to the improvement of patient QOL.

Not only does it have the same level of absorbency as conventional products, but it also offers smooth operability, secure ligation, and a needle that features excellent sharpness and low puncture resistance, all with high quality and based on Japanese standards.

Double Checker​

Double Checker is a block-shaped suture needle counter with printed numbers.

It contributes to safety by facilitating the double-counting of suture needles used during surgery based on the "number of sutures used per package" and the "number of blocks used."

Scalpel Holder

Scalpel Holder is an item to store scalpels, etc., used during surgery "not only for being handled safely by the user, but also for preventing them from damaging the blade point."


Keyput is an item that helps organize sharp and fine medical instruments for safe handling during surgery.
The name "Keyput" is derived from the words "keep" and "put."

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