How to use SureFInD

Placement before surgery

Placement IC tag in the bronchial tubes

  • 1.Register the ID information of the IC tag to the application
  • 2.Place the IC tag at the target position through the bronchoscope channel and register the position to the application
How to use SureFInD

Detection during surgery

  • 1.Detect the IC tag from the lung surface with a surgical antenna
  • *Sounds will vary depending on the distance from the IC tag
    *The application will show the position according to the ID information on the IC tag
  • 2.Use the detected position of the IC tag as a mark to determine the extent of resection
Detection during surgery

Product Line

Detection device

  • Tag reader for surgery

    Tag reader for surgery

  • Dedicated PC

    Dedicated PC

  • Indwelling tag reader

    Indwelling tag reader

The expendables

  • Indwelling device

    Indwelling device

  • Indwelling device

    Indwelling device

  • Indwelling tag

    Indwelling tag