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Items that contribute to improving surgery and QOL


SECUREA is a urethane sponge that is mainly used for safe exclusion of obstacles, absorption, and the application of hemostatic materials in endoscopic surgery. Unlike gauze, it has less adhesion to organs and is heat resistant.

The product name is derived from the words "secure" and "area."

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SuReFInD has been developed to assist in the precise excision of small-cell lung cancer in pneumonectomy operations. A microscopic IC tag applying radio frequency identification (RFID) technology is placed on the area with cancer via the bronchoscope channel. The positioning of the IC tag is registered along with an ID number using an app. During operation, the IC tag can be detected on the lung surface using a surgical antenna, and this can help surgeons to determine the extent of resection.

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Knee Croissant

Knee Croissant is an item developed as a part of measures against knee hemarthrosis and subcutaneous hematoma in Total Knee Arthroplasty surgery.

Bandages and hemostatic agents are used together to control the postoperative swelling of the joint capsule; early transition to rehabilitation leads to improved QOL.

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ASRC is a new product designed for the efficient arrangement of sutures when performing knotted sutures during inosculations and choledochojejunostomy.

ASRC takes its name from the first letters of the phrase: “arc-type suture-thread rearranging container."

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