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Non-woven Products
Bearing Responsibility as a Top Manufacturer

Until recently the conventional wisdom was to use cotton fabric gowns and drapes in the operating room, but with today’s focus on surgical side infections (SSI) attention is being focused on disposable non-woven fabrics that are difficult for microbes to penetrate, and products made of such fabrics are one of the leading product groups developed by Hogy Medical. In Japan today most hospitals use disposable non-woven items. Since Hogy Medical began selling such products in 1972, the Company has continued research and development on materials, water-repellent and waterproof processing methods, functionality, and production technology to provide products that meet the needs of today because we believe it is our responsibility as a top manufacturer to contribute to reducing occupational infections in healthcare providers and rationalizing hospital operations.

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Introduction to Materials

Tigalyer is a non-woven fabric with very high liquid barrier properties.

Tigalyer™ is a multi-layer fabric consisting of three layers which each layer made of a different material where the front layer is absorptive, the middle layer is waterproof, and the back layer is hydrophilic. The front and back layers polyethylene and polyester bicarbonate spunbonded nonwoven fabric that has both the softness of the polyethylene and the strength of the polyester and has been processed to be both water absorbing and hydrophilic. The middle waterproof layer is a polyethylene film that provides strength and is a barrier to liquids.

(1)Has a high water barrier performance that passes the PB70 Level 4 standard of ANSI/AAMI (American National Standards Institute/Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation).
(2)This material combines high softness and toughness.
(3)The characteristics of the material greatly suppress the generation of lint.
(4)Allows for safe electron beam sterilization.

Medical Wear

A wide variation can be used for a variety of applications

These are disposable gowns, caps, masks, and other nonwoven products with high bacteria barrier performance and are widely used in operating rooms, outpatient areas, hospital wards, and other areas.

This is disposable preventative wear with good bacteria barrier performance.

■Apron type
■Jumper type
■Hooded work wear (jumpsuit) type
■Gown type

and other preventative wear design and colors are available for a wide range of applications.
These are simple, easy to wear and remove caps for use in hospital wards, ICU, and similar areas. They are widely used as preventative wear in hospitals.

A broad lineup of products for different functions and usage feel is provided. We also provide original masks that in addition to surgical masks include antibacterial isolation masks that add chitosan antibacterial agents to the outer cover and activated charcoal masks that have an enclosed activated charcoal sheet.