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A Message from President
Jun-ichi Hoki, President and CEO

Hogy Medical: Contributing to Medical Safety and Management Reform of Medical Institutions as a Comprehensive Supplier of Medical Products

Since Hogy Medical's inception in 1961, Hogy has dedicated itself to creating close relationships with medical professionals while striving to develop and supply products that contribute to the safety of patients and medical staff, and the management reform of medical institutions (improving the profits of hospitals).

Hogyfs Mekkin Bag and non-woven fabric products have built solid market positions because they contribute to prevention of infectious diseases within hospitals and streamlining of hospital operations. Other Hogy offerings include new items, such as kit products, which are growing rapidly in popularity, and Operamaster, which incorporates products, logistics, and information management. We have brought all of these offerings to market in order to preempt the requirements of medical facilities around Japan.

The Japanese medical field has presently come to a major transformation period. The deterioration of financing brought on by the rapid progression in the societal decrease in newborns and increase in elderly is forcing a dramatic reformation of the medical insurance system. In line with this development, some hospitals have begun introducing the Diagnostic Procedure Combination (DPC). This major reform involves a switch from payment for the treatment services provided to payment of a fixed amount. Realization of this will force medical institutions to streamline their systems including shortening the treatment period, improving use rates of hospital beds and increasing the number of surgeries.

It is needless to say that Hogy's products will demonstrate even greater strength within this "Medical Big Bang." Hogy Medical asks for your continued patronage and support as we strive for product safety and providing a stable supply as a comprehensive supplier of medical products that uphold Japanese medicine.

Jun-ichi Hoki, President and CEO