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1961 Incorporation of Hoki Recording Paper Marketing and
launch of medical recording paper sales
1964 Launch of the "Mekkin Bag" product
1970 Name of company changed to Hogy
1972 Launch of medical use non-woven fabric
1978 Miho No. 1 Plant completed
1983 Miho No. 2 Plant completed
1987 Name of company changed to the current Hogy Medical
1989 Automated Edosaki Distribution Center completed
1991 Company listed on TSE Second Section
1992 Edosaki Electron Beam Sterilization Center starts operations
1993 Miho No. 2 Plant extended
1994 P.T. Hogy Indonesia incorporated
1994 Launch of Kit product
1995 P.T. Hogy Indonesia facility completed
1995 Tsukuba Sterilization Center completed
1997 P.T. Hogy Indonesia facility extension completed
1997 Fully automated Tsukuba Distribution Center completed
2000 Company listed on TSE First Section
2002 New Head Office building completed
2002 Kit Plant completed
2003 Kit Plant came on stream
2004 Launch of Opera Master product
2005 Start of operations of production line exclusively for Opera Master st Tsukuba Plant
2006 Tsukuba OPC commenced its operations
2007 P.T.Hogy became sub-subsidiary(included in consolidation; name changed from P.T.Nitto Matex Indonesia in February 2008)
2009 P.T.Hogy consolidated into P.T.HOGY
2011 Tsukuba Sterilization Center enlargement
2011 P.T.Hogy Medical Sales Indonesia incorporated
2011 Launch of Surgery management system
2012 Launch of IC TRACER
2015 Launch of EMARO
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