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The Electron Beam Sterilization System is the backbone that supports the stable supply of the disposable medical products manufactured by Hogy Medical.

This technology is used to achieve a safe and clean sterilization method that can sterilize a great quantity of items in shorter time than E.O.G. sterilization or gamma ray sterilization without any residual toxicity or environmental pollution. In 1992, Hogy Medical was the first medical manufacturer in Japan to install such a full-fledged system, which was followed in 1996 with the establishment of the two 25 kW/10 MeV accelerator Tsukuba Sterilization Center, the largest and most advanced facility of its kind in the world. This center is the culmination of the sterilization and transport know-how developed by Hogy Medical and is computer controlled for full automation.

The three main methods currently used to sterilize disposable medical supplies are ethylene oxide gas sterilization, gamma ray sterilization, and electron sterilization. An electron sterilization system can sterilize objects that are already packaged and can sterilize anywhere from a small amount to a large quantity of products in the short time of several seconds to several tens of seconds and can be made part of a continuously running operation to improve the efficiency of sterilization.

In addition, there is no environmental pollution or need for post-sterilization processing as with ethylene oxide gas sterilization and no need to dispose of radioactive waste as with gamma ray sterilization.

Electrons with an energy of 10 MeV irradiated on one side of a carton 40 cm thick with a specific gravity of 0.2 g/cm3 can penetrate a maximum of approximately 25 cm. However, electrons can only be effectively used for sterilization to the depth at which the same electron dosage as at the irradiated surface can be applied, which is approximately 17 cm. In this case, irradiating the carton from both sides will provide a sufficient total dosage for sterilization.

Hogy Medical uses great care to manufacture products that are safe and can be used without worry.