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Corporate Governance
Hogy Medical has adopted a shareholder-oriented policy to always give consideration to shareholder benefits and build a fully functioning corporate governance system.
Basic Policies
Hogy Medical has established being customer-oriented and shareholder-oriented as the basic policies of the Company and is aware that meeting management targets and continuously increasing corporate value are an important means for providing a return to shareholders. To achieve these requires quick decision making and effective execution of operations while strengthening corporate governance through improved management transparency and implementing stronger corporate governance.
Board of Directors
Hogy Medical has a 6-member board of directors, two being an outside director, to make quick business decisions by managing using a small number of people. In addition, the Company introduced an executive officer system in June 1999 to clearly separate management decision making and operation auditing, the inherent functions of the board of directors, from the operation execution function of the executive officers, etc., to create an organization that can respond rapidly to changes in the business environment.
Board of Auditors
Hogy Medical has a 3-member board of auditors, two being outside auditors, that audit the execution of the duties of the directors. The board of auditors attends all important meetings, receives reports from directors and other persons, examines documentation of important decisions, and examines subsidiaries and other units.
The board of auditors consists of all Company auditors and sets auditing policy, receives reports on the status of audits from auditors, receives reports on audits conducted as needed by accounting auditors, and increases mutual cooperation such as through the exchange of information as required.
Management Council
The management council consists of the 6 directors, 3 executive officers, and appointed department managers and gives reports on the execution of the operations of each department based on the basic policies set by the board of directors and then decides what specific measures to take after discussion of the issues at hand.
Internal Control System

Hogy Medical has a system for ensuring the appropriate execution of duties by clarifying the authority and responsibility of each duty while also implementing appropriate division of duties by incorporating a mutual check-and-balance system into the operations process and at the same time recognizing the necessity of continuously conduct reviews and improve and strengthen controls.

The board of directors has established the Committee Over Internal Controls to operate a system for ensuring that the execution of duties by directors complies with the law and the Articles of Incorporation (This committee is responsible for establishing a system for internal control, compliance, and risk management and for examining and improving this systems. The same applies hereinafter.). The president of the Company serves as the chairperson of the Committee Over Internal Controls and holds a regular meeting of the committee once a month. In addition, reports of all activities of the Committee Over Internal Controls are given to the board of directors.

Hogy Medical Co., Ltd. Organization Chart

Hogy Medical shall have no association of any kind with anti-social forces that threaten the order and safety of society and shall have no dealings with any companies, organizations, or individuals that have associations with said anti-social forces. All Company officers from the president downward shall be keenly aware of this policy and shall always strive to collect pertinent information from the related government agencies and if such associations are discovered, the Company shall work closely with the related government agencies, attorneys, and other outside organizations specializing in the area to quickly build a companywide system to counter the problem.

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