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Medical Wear

A wide variation can be used for a variety of applications

These are disposable gowns, caps, masks, and other nonwoven products with high bacteria barrier performance and are widely used in operating rooms, outpatient areas, hospital wards, and other areas.
Isolation Gowns

This is disposable preventative wear with good bacteria barrier performance.

¡Apron type
¡Jumper type
¡Hooded work wear (jumpsuit) type
¡Gown type

and other preventative wear design and colors are available for a wide range of applications.
These are simple, easy to wear and remove caps for use in hospital wards, ICU, and similar areas. They are widely used as preventative wear in hospitals.

A broad lineup of products for different functions and usage feel is provided. We also provide original masks that in addition to surgical masks include antibacterial isolation masks that add chitosan antibacterial agents to the outer cover and activated charcoal masks that have an enclosed activated charcoal sheet.