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Mekkin Bag Sterilization Products

Hogy Medical Produced the First Domestic Mekkin Bag

In 1964, when the concept of sterilization and disinfection still remained in medical care, the Mekkin bags developed by Hogy Medical to contribute to preventing the spread of infections in hospitals were so popular they soon became synonymous with sterilizing storage bags. These products continue to evolve today through the development of a wide range of sterilization methods.

Types of Mekkin Bags

Roll type :@This type can be cut to match the customerfs application.
One-seal type :@These are precut Mekkin bags.
Shape With flap
Yes No
Paper film type
Hybrid Mekkin bag
@Paper film type
@Autoclave/Ethylene Oxide dual use type
An indicator is printed on the paper surface.
ID layered type
The indicator is printed between the films.
Double-sided paper type
@Double-sided paper type
@Only for Autoclave
yPaper Type Size Variationsz
- For syringes
- For Nelaton catheters
- For small items
- For kidney trays and small sets
- For set packs
- Large@@@@
The lineup includes among other products
Hybrid Mekkin Bags
This Mekkin bags use a combination of paper and film. You can see inside the bags to make it easy to check their contents and they are popular because they only produce a minimum of paper dust when opened.
Hybrid Mekkin Bag ID Layered Type
This is a new type of Mekkin bag that has the process indicator sandwiched between the film surfaces. This makes sterilization work more accurate by eliminating indicator color change errors caused by antiseptics and the transfer of indicator when Mekkin bags are pressed against each other.
Other Products
A range of double-sided paper type sizes are provided to match the contents. In addition to heat seals, tape and aluminum bars can be used to seal the bags.
Autoclave Forceps Stand Caps
These are Mekkin bags for forceps stands. There are 3 paper bag types and 2 paper film types. Select the desired type to match the size of the forceps stand.