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IC Tracer (integrated circuit chip reading system for hygiene products)

Managing gauze control: Switch from counting to tracing.

IC tracer is a new gauze control system which uses integrated circuit chips (ICC) embedded in each gauze used during surgery, making each one traceable.
This system reads the integrated circuit chips in each gauze thus enabling the operator to check accurately and quickly where each gauze is located and in turn minimize the potential for retained objects.

Have you experienced these problems?

あれ!?数え間違った!? 1枚合わない!どうしよう!?

Using additional gauze during emergency surgery:
Are you conscious of errors when counting gauzes in a hurry?

Counting gauzes prior to finishing surgery
Have you struggled to count the same number of gauzes at the end of surgery to that which you started with?

here are many blind spots in operating rooms, such as under instrument tables, in the pockets of surgical gowns or items can get caught up in the waste.
Questionnaire presented at the 24th Annual Meeting at the Japan Operative Nursing Academy 2010 at our instrument exhibit booth.
Have you worried when counting gauze during surgery? Have you worried when counting gauze during surgery?

gauzes can overlap resulting in the count being wrong.

I worry about blood splatter and sometimes touch gauzes without wearing gloves when I'm busy.

It can be fiddly to unroll gauze each time.

Circulating nurses don't normally wear goggles so I feel we need to do something to prevent infection.

get concerned during or after night shifts or overtime.

With IC Tracer

Prevent retained objects / Gain peace of mind

【Dedicated accessories】IC gauze ・IC SEFFTAL

The system recognizes each gauze by its individual ICC signal, removing the possibility of miscounting. This system can identify multiple IC gauze and IC SEFFTAL simultaneously and quickly. There is also an additional function allowing the user to trace IC gauze.
How to use

ITracer main Unit:
Circulating nurse operates the main unit within dirty areas.

ICgauze stand:
The stand is located next to the instrument stand in the clean area. The stand must be covered with the specialized disposable stand cover when in use.

Before opening the bags of IC gauze and IC SEFFTAL, register them on the main unit first.
To register the gauzes before use, insert unopened Mekkin Bags into the reading section which is located on the side of the main unit .
Place a specialized bucket on the main unit.

Place the specialized cover over the gauze stand.
After registration gauzes do not need to be counted when preparing the instrument stand.

Place used gauzes in the bucket and count . Once counted, if the number does not correspond to the number of gauzes used, search for unaccounted gauzes using the handy terminal.

Count unused gauzes on the gauze stand. Used gauzes must be counted manually and visually confirmed during surgery.


The IC Tracer system must be used in conjunction with specialized gauze fitted with integrated circuit chips. We offer two types of gauze – Firstly an ordinary cotton gauze (IC gauze) and also a gauze complete with handle and made from a new low-lint material (IC SEFFTAL).

This is a specialized disposable bucket which is placed on the reading system of the IC Tracer main unit. Collect all used IC gauze and IC SEFFTALin this bucket.

This is a sterilized special film cover to keep the gauze stand clean. Please change after every use.