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ASRC Suture holder for pancreaticoduodenectomy

ASRC is a new product designed for the efficient arrangement of sutures when performing knotted sutures during inosculations and choledochojejunostomy.

Differing from existing suture guides, ASRC is made of a foamed polyethylene sponge that gives more flexibility and functionality which also allows for use in varying procedures and inosculations. As well as reducing practitioner stress the product also decreases the burden placed on scrub nurses.
Developed in the Hepatobiliary pancreatic surgery department in Tohoku University Hospital, ASRC takes its name from the initial letters of “an arc type suture thread rearranging container”, A, S, R, C.

Main function, use and advantages
Feature 1

Hold sutures with appropriate tension

Prevent tissue damage from having too much tension which can occur when sutures are gripped in the existing method using mosquito clamps.

Feature 2

Easier positioning and arrangement of sutures during inosculations

The product for choledochojejunostomy (large) is interspersed with slits along its edge to allow easy arrangement without sutures becoming tangled. The product for choledochojejunostomy (small) can bundle sutures together allowing them to be moved and their position adjusted.

Feature 3

Easier operating and assisting during inosculations with untangled sutures

The product is made of a foamed sponge allowing flexibility to fit any shape of incision site. The sutures are placed in slits and held in place allowing arrangement and movement without the need for multiple mosquito clamps

Usage example for ASRC  (pancreaticoduodenectomy)

Hold and fit the product at the incision site using clamps

Place sutures in the slits around the product

You can arrange and hold many sutures easily.


Prepare and arrange sutures for pancreaticojejunostomy.

All sutures can be moved whilst maintaining their arrangement.

Sutures can be adjusted to any position which is paramount during inosculations

Please read attached documents and instruction before use.

Cautions, contraindications and proscription

Contraindiction and proscription Do not reuse. Do not re-sterilize
Operating precautions This product is to assist with the arrangement of sutures during inosculations and suturation. Use clamps to hold the sutures. If holding sutures solely using this product, please check tension carefully before use. Do not use this product within the body to avoid the possibility of part of the product being retained.
N95 masks
We stock N95 masks for medical institutions.

N95 is one of the filter standards (42CFR84) for
ealth (NIOSH) in 1995. It is recommended for serious communicable
diseases such as tuberculosis, SARS, and influenza.
The “N” stands for “Not resistant to oil,” and the evaluation requirements for
masks stricter than for surgical masks and they also have high filtration efficiency.

Product Symbol Unit price and sales unit
HPR-R \5,000/box
(contains 50 masks)

New-strain Influenza

New-strain influenzas are easily transmitted from person to person because humans have almost no immunity to them, they could create a global pandemic, and could have a major impact on society accompanying a major health hazard.
The government has established an action plan to prepare for the occurrence of a new-strain influenza and is proceeding with preparations based on this plan.
It is recommended that as part of the national and local government response that medical facilities be stocked with personal protective gear (including N95) to suppress the spread of infection and minimize the damage if a new-strain influenza occurs. (Source: Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare website)
*Following table: NIOSH anti-dust mask grades

USA Standard Japanese Standard Test Dust/Test
Flow Volume
NIOSH Filtration Rate Disposable Replaceable Filtration rate
N95 95%or more DS2 RS2 95.0%or more NaCl
N99 99%or more - - -
N100 99.97%or more DS3 RS3 99.9%or more
R95 95%or more - - - Dioctyl phthalate
R99 99%or more - - -
R100 99.97%or more - - -
P95 95%or more DL2 RL2 95.0%or more Dioctyl phthalate
P99 99%or more - - -
P100 99.97%or more DL3 RL3 99.9%or more