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Medical Safety Product Categories

Hogy Medical has been developing and providing medical products for efficient management of facilities and for improving the safety of patients and medical staff since our launch.
We started to develop and sell our Mekkin Bag as a first step towards the prevention of hospital infection in 1964 and the product has gone on to be widely used in throughout medical facilities today, becoming a synonym for sterilization wrapping bags in the medical field.
We also provide disposable high quality non-woven products for medical applications which reduce the occurrence of contact with bodily fluids and contribute to the prevention of infection.
Using our wealth of experience and knowledge gained since our launch, we continue to provide products which contribute towards medical safety.

Kit Products

Hogy Medical is dedicated to the production of custom products. We believe that it is our duty as a manufacturer supporting the medical field to apply our more than 10 years of experience in sales of kit products and our production expertise in order to create products which can meet the demands of each medical institution.

Premium Kit

Acute care hospitals are now required to streamline management due to the revision of medical system and declining of working population. All-in-One kits for pre/mid/post-surgery contribute to hospital management with improving work efficiency and preventing loss in item costs.

Non-woven Products

As the top manufacturer of non-woven products for medical applications we are proud of our designs utilizing high-quality materials and processing technology that are the culmination of many years of know-how to earn the trust of physicians in the operating room. Recently we have also gained the support of a wide range of customers by providing low-cost but high-quality products that meet the needs of today.

Sterilization Products

Since Hogy Medical began selling sterilized storage packages in 1964 the Mekkin Bag name has remained a long-seller that continues to hold the top share of the market.
Several types of products are offered to match the type of sterilizer and sterilization target organisms.


OPERA-Note(OPENO) is a tool that enables the sharing, arrangement and management of nursing knowledge in the context of surgery, utilizing a cloud service to gather information. By facilitating access via smartphones and tablets, it enables information sharing in accordance with each staff member’s lifestyle regardless of time or place.

IC Tracer

IC tracer is a new gauze control system which uses integrated circuit chips (ICC) embedded in each gauze used during surgery, making each one traceable.
This system reads the integrated circuit chips in each gauze thus enabling the operator to check accurately and quickly where each gauze is located and in turn minimize the potential for retained objects.

New Products, Others

We introduce non-woven products and other tools for operating rooms.
Please make use of these for medical safety and the prevention of infection.

Regarding minimally invasive procedures

Minimally invasive treatment such as endoscopic and endovascular surgery places less burden on the patient than conventional surgery.
Recent technological advances have seen a dramatic increase in the use of minimally invasive procedures which are safer and less disruptive to the patient.
Hogy Medical is continuously developing cutting edge products to support minimally invasive treatment.


SuReFInD has been developed to assist in the precise excision of small-cell lung cancer in pneumonectomy operations. A microscopic IC tag applying RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology is placed on the area with cancer via the bronchoscope channel. The positioning of the IC tag is registered along with an ID number using an app. During operation, the IC tag can be detected on the lung surface using a surgical antenna and it can help surgeons to determine the extent of resection.


This is a medical sponge enabling the operator to gently and accurately maneuver and reposition obstacles during endoscopic surgery. It is polyurethane and can be used for safe displacement, absorption, irrigation and astriction during endoscopic procedures. It can be used in conjunction with a trocar making endoscopic procedures safer and more efficient.