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Product Plants

Hogy Medical pursues safe and high-quality products
based on first-hand medical front expertise
and strives to achieve stable supply
in the changing medical environment.

Tsukuba Plant

Realized integrated production and shipping line

Achieved stable supply and shortened time for delivery

Premium Kits-exclusive plant creating safe and high-quality products

Hogy Medical constructed a plant exclusively for Premium Kits aiming to achieve stable supply of Premium Kits with higher safety and quality as well as shortened time required for delivery. Much of the plant is automated with advanced machines and robots, leveraging Hogy Medical's long-cultivated know-how. It is equipped with functions, both in terms of hardware and software, to safely and stably produce high-quality products that support the medical front, which is in a stage of reform.

Improved safety through production by robots

Human-derived errors such as including wrong items as well as the possibility of bacterial adhesion and tampering of products, which may occur in manual procedures, are reduced through production by advanced robots.

Seismic isolation structure employed in plant building

A seismic isolation structure was employed for the building of the new plant and the building is expected to withstand earthquakes as strong as seismic intensity of 7.

Seismic isolation equipment is installed underground in the seismic isolation structure, making the building less likely to be shaken by earthquakes.

As this function prevents the robots from falling over as well as other incidents, Hogy Medical expects that productive conditions can be secured even in the period immediately following an earthquake.

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The Tsukuba Sterilization Center is equipped with large-scale, electron-beam sterilization facilities, which are safe and clean. As the center is completely automated, it can be operated by a small number of staff and can conduct sterilization on large quantities of goods in a short period of time without removing packages.

The Tsukuba Distribution Center is completely automated and conducts distribution processes precisely and speedily, enabling shipment of 10,000 units per day. Through this, Hogy Medical can respond to customer demands immediately.

Other Plants

P.T. Hogy Indonesia No. 1 Plant.

P.T. Hogy Indonesia, a subsidiary of Hogy Medical, is our East Asia production base. It is one of the world's major processors of nonwoven medical fabric and is responsible for labor-intensive production processes.

Miho No. 1 Plant
Miho No. 2 Plant
Edosaki Distribution
P.T. Hogy Indonesia
No. 2 Plant.