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Start of Activities to Restore Rice Paddies in Abandoned Fields

In 2009, Hogy Medical began activities to restore rice paddies in abandoned fields. In cooperation with the NPO Asaza Fund and the Ushiku City Hall the Company has been restoring rice paddies in the Yatsuda marshy area.

Together with neighboring Satoyama, the Ushiku marsh headwaters play an important role in water purification. Today much wildlife, such as killifish and frogs, is living there, but because the area is surrounded by low mountains, many of the fields lay fallow due to the high cost of cultivating them and the policy of setting aside acreage. Hogy Medical thus decided to start a project to borrow 1.7 hectares in Ushiku City where the Companyfs Tsukuba Plant is located to raise organic rice to begin restoring farming to the area. The Asaza Fund is providing the guidance for installing water ditches and raising the rice and the labor is being provided by Hogy Medical employees and their families. Further objectives of the project are the restoration and preservation of the ecosystem and interaction with the local community through the agricultural experience of planting and harvesting.