Masks Used by Doctors at Hospitals

HOGY: Delivering safety in medical practice and into the future

HOGY, a leading manufacturer of medical use non-woven fabric,
has launched a new surgical mask that is designed for safety and comfort.

Why are HOGY Medical's surgical masks used by many healthcare professionals in operating rooms?

High-quality materials that are designed to maintain a good balance of safety and comfort, as well as a great attention to product specifications, are highly valued in operating rooms, where sanitary conditions are of primary concern.

In many cases, people on the medical frontlines wear masks all day long. HOGY Medical's surgical masks are comfortable to wear without difficulties in breathing or ear pain.

Actual Sales of Masks

HOGY Medical's non-woven fabric surgical masks are used at university hospitals and large hospitals across Japan.
The total sales of surgical masks in Japan (for use in operating rooms) in FY2019 was 53,000,000 masks.

One year from April 2018 to March 2019

Product Introduction

HOGY Medical Masks, Box Type

  • 30 masks/box
  • Triple-layer structure, shrink-wrapped

Mask performance

Mask Filter/Filtration Performance (In-house Testing)

Box Type
Value measured via particle penetration test Filters virus-contaminated respiratory droplets by 99% (PFE test)

Filters bacteria and pollen by 99% (BFE test)
ΔP (air permeability test) 2.0mm H2O

Product Materials

Front cover Spunbond-type PP non-woven fabric (white)
Filter Melt blown-type PP non-woven fabric (white)
Mouth cover Cellulose non-woven fabric (white)
Nose bar Resin
Elastic Spiral knit (polyurethane, polyester)

Mask Structure

Product Description

Complies with U.S. standards for surgical masks
Nelson Laboratories (U.S.), Kaken Test Center (Japan)

Ease of breathing
Cushioned loop

Designed to maintain a good balance of safety and comfort
Maintains the surgical grade of masks from the medical frontlines

※What is a surgical mask?
A surgical mask is an infection-preventative mask mainly used on medical frontlines or for medical purposes, such as during surgical operations.
The phrase "surgical mask" is derived from being used "for surgery." (From the website of the Japan Hygiene Products Industry Association)
Our masks are tested for collection efficiency via bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE) and particle filtration efficiency (PFE) at Nelson Laboratories in the U.S. and at Kaken Test Center in Japan.


Captures 99% of bacteria and virus-contaminated respiratory droplets (filtering performance)

BFE 99% (bacterial barrier properties, staphylococcus filtration rate)

As tested by Kaken Test Center

PFE 99% (virus droplet filtration efficiency)

* As tested by Nelson Laboratories

0.1 μm fine particlesCollection efficiency of fine particles
Captures 99% of particles (filtering performance)

Effective against PM2.5 air pollutant (PM2.5 refers to fine particles with diameters of 2.5 μm or smaller.)

Captures 99% of particles with a diameter of 0.1 μm or larger

* PM2.5 can contain fine particles of 0.1 μm or smaller.

Pollen particles
Captures 99% of pollen particles (filtering performance)

Anti-allergenic substance function

Captures 99% of pollen and dust particles of approximately 3 μm


Ease of breathing

The electrostatic processing (electret processing) of the filter makes it comfortable to wear for long duration.

Special material (electret processing*) is used.

Air permeability test (air exchange pressure [AEP])
* The lower the value below is, the more comfortable it is.
Company A Company B Company C Company D Company E HOGY Medical ASTM International (U.S.)
measured value 2.3 4.1 3.9 2.8 5.0 2.0 4.0

*Unit of measurement: mmH2O (millimeters of water) *As tested by HOGY Medical

* What is electret processing?
Electret processing is a process that renders non-woven fabrics magnetic for continuous and efficient electrosorption of fine particles. This process improves the collection efficiency of fine particles such as viruses.

Relieves the pain and pressure in the ears as caused by wearing the mask

Has both softness and elasticity

Features of ear elastic

Uses ear-friendly cushioned loops

Softness and elasticity are achieved via cushioned loops that prevent ear pain.
The hollow structure makes it less sweaty, and the special bulky texture processing offers elasticity and breathability.


Prevents losing its shape while achieving a moderate level of softness


No odor, or barely has odor (may vary by person)